The Story of “Virtual Bazaar”

08 Mar 2024
From an Online Shop to a Network

Virtual Bazaar began as WOW shop in 2018 to support women working from homes. It was an online store and educational community, where the members could sell products and learn business. That was my personal project. As an experienced business owner and business coach I felt like my knowledge and experience could help the artisans whose products I personally loved. I wanted others to know about them.

In 2020 when all small businesses were hit by pandemic WOW shop was transformed into Virtual Bazaar, where we literally had virtual events and helped more than 50 small Jordanian businesses keep operating and survive.

How has Virtual Bazaar evolved since its inception, especially in fostering the VB Community of local brands?

Since 2020 Virtual Bazaar evolved from a virtual platform to a community of about 80 local businesses, that unite to share the costs, learn and grow together.

Wakilni is proud to be a part of Virtual Bazaar's journey. What led you to choose Wakilni as your logistics partner?

Virtual Bazaar is evolving further. From a Community we are now shifting to a Network. In VB Community we have local businesses - artisans, crafters producers. In VB Network we are happily inviting businesses that provide services or products FOR small businesses. Wakilni became our logistics partner that understands the needs of small businesses and finds solutions to support us.

Can you share how our partnership has contributed to the growth and efficiency of your operations?

The biggest problem - delivery and fulfillment - was solved with Wakilni’s professional approach, high quality service and good rates. Most of the small businesses are one-person-does-everything models. With organized delivery, storage and fulfillment services we can free up our time and hands for other tasks. Wakilni takes care of the rest, including communication with our customers.

What role do online and offline events play in connecting your community with customers? Any memorable moments or success stories from these events?

The goal of our events (both online and offline) is creating awareness about Jordanian brands and local products. We want them to be competitive to the international chains and valued by the customers. Online we are showing people behind brands and how the things are being made - we truly believe that this builds a certain trust. Offline we encourage our followers to come to meet the artisans and crafters, to see the products and their quality. We have so many customers who are following VB community since long time, they come to our every event to not only find something new but also to meet our vendors in person again. Our events are always very cozy and welcoming. The most memorable are always our raffles that we run at the events where multiple prizes are given by VB members.

In November 2021, Virtual Bazaar received recognition for promoting high-quality local products. How did this acknowledgment impact your mission and goals for the future?

Yes, in 2021 VB was invited to Her Majesty’s Queen Rania’s office as one of 10 activists supporting local products, where we could introduce our concept. That encouraged us to continue doing what we were doing.

For our followers who might be discovering Virtual Bazaar for the first time, what can they expect when exploring your online directory and attending your offline events?

Small businesses that join VB will feel support and relief - VB’s concept helps to save on business expenses and find better business solutions. Customers will feel care, as we do care about every order we send from Virtual Bazaar. They will find verified local brands and high quality local products and will always be able to reach real people for any questions or concerns. Both will always feel welcomed and appreciated.

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