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Wakilni is an e-commerce fulfilment partner for small to medium e-commerce businesses

providing a wide spectrum of personalized and customized services to support and empower business owners because we believe GREATNESS JUST NEEDS A LITTLE SUPPORT.

Starting first as an errands and delivery service, Wakilni has evolved into a community that has empowered small businesses, facilitated the lives of business owners, and created a tribe of people joined by common empathy and a drive to succeed.

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The Story

Running errands for others was never a one time event for Yusr Sabra, the cofounder of Wakilni.

With a background in electrical engineering, Yusr first worked in electromechanical services and maintenance where she realized the necessity of a strong and collaborative work environment to meet the needs of any client. By working with technicians and laborers, Yusr understood a key strength in any company is appreciation, respect, and development of all team members without exception.

Always driven to support others in their time of need, Yusr Sabra, first co-founded Wakilni as a concierge service in 2016 to help clients deliver items and paperwork. Starting with only 3 clients and a team of 6, Wakilni was able to grow into a company that supports small and medium sized businesses, e-stores, corporations and individuals through a dedicated team providing a time-saving and reliable service.

From the start, Wakilni supported, trained, and motivated individuals by offering them room to grow in a space where they are valued for their hard work. Today, they are an indispensable part of the Wakilni family and have allowed the company to grow from a delivery service to an e-commerce fulfilment center.

Always dedicated to serving their community, Wakilni realized that small business owners needed a fast delivery service they could trust with the little details that matter for those ordering online.

By listening to clients’ needs and keeping an eye out for clues and opportunities, Wakilni was able to develop the service based on the understanding of what would add most value to the market. As a result, Wakilni began to develop their tech to meet the demands of the growing e-commerce industry.

While fostering strong and personal relationships with small business owners and offering customizable and personalized systems, Wakilni was able to grow based on the clients’ needs and data-driven analysis of the market.

Today, we are proud of our family of 300+ individuals who coordinate effectively to carry out tens of thousands of deliveries every month.

What started out as a service that takes care of people’s daily needs and errands turned into a full-fledged logistics company. With our full range of e-commerce fulfillment services, we have empowered individuals and built a community of small to medium business owners in Lebanon, hoping to expand soon throughout the MENA region.

Our success is due to our vibrant and hybrid tribe of people, reasonable balance of price and quality, data-driven operations, and most importantly, our dedication to building long-term authentic relationships with clients.

We were born to be on the move. Our world has never been moving that fast.

At Wakilni, we believe that moving things is not only about delivery. It is about the human element that comes along with it.

We Move You.

The Culture

Our values are an essential part of the Wakilni identity and have been a driving force behind every decision and interaction.

By relying on these values as a foundation of our business, we have been able to grow into the effective service we are today.  

In a fast-paced and rapidly changing world, we are dedicated to adapting and processing new information in changing circumstances. Never ones to hold on to outdated methods, we always seek new opportunities and experimental strategies that can best serve our customers to the best of our abilities and resources.  


Innovation is not only about using the best technology, but is also about being creative in finding solutions to any problem faced by our clients. By challenging the traditional and often limited ways of delivery services, we establish a strong connection between the most updated tech in the industry and client relationships. 


At Wakilni, we are not only a team, or a family, we think of ourselves as belonging to a tribe, where trust is at the core.

We know that the person sitting beside us has got our back. We have been through thick and thin while growing the company together from the bottom up. Most importantly, we understand that we have a responsibility to motivate other team members to meet their potential and to appreciate and respect one another to help Wakilni reach the best results.

Tribe Belonging

By conquering internal and external obstacles, we have always challenged ourselves to find more efficient ways to accomplish a task.

Through a conscious effort of overcoming challenges, we have been able to seek personal growth and take ownership of our progress. In a community of trust and reliability, growth is inevitable when customer satisfaction is a priority.



Growth Mindset

Famous for “never saying no”, Wakilni empowers clients and partners to expand their services. 

Through a mutually beneficial relationship with clients, we have been able to expand our services to meet clients’ growing needs. Loyal and hard-working to a fault, we make sure that all clients, whether small business owners or clients in need of courier services, are satisfied with our services. We always take feedback and suggestions seriously, and this has helped us not only increase the number of clients, but build stronger relationships with existing ones.  

Clients Partnership

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