On August 04, 2020, everything fell apart.

Our city is shattered. Our morale is in shreds. Our motivation is lost.


One Community At A Time
$17760 raised
7 signed to support
9 businesses supported

Because small businesses are the heartbeat of the city and the economy.

We still have each other, to push through.
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As of October 2020, Wakilni will donate 750 liras from each commissioned delivery to its Extra Mile Fund.

This money will go towards helping members of the Wakilni community reboot their businesses by accessing needed services, whether in terms of online exposure, marketing, legal counseling, etc. and Wakilni will be sponsoring this access to services.

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Affected by the explosion?
Can you offer your services to help those affected?
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Affected by the explosion?

Apply to become eligible for support through the extra mile fund.

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Can you offer services to help those affected?

Apply to become listed as one of the extra mile fund’s service providers.

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Thank you for all our partners

Spearhead Lebanon

Thaki is an NGO that aims to bring gently used computers and other electronic devices to refugee and disadvantaged children to aid and enhance their education and learning. Thaki’s core mission is to empower refugee and disadvantaged children to learn and thrive through self-paced, motivational electronic tools.

C. Monkey Tribe

Full-suite media house offering holistic branding, e-commerce, and social media services.
These three pillars are our 3 C's, concept, content, and conversion.
C. Monkey Tribe will be offering e-commerce workshops at a reduced price for Lebanon.


Lexyom provides online fast, international & personalized Legal Services to Startups and SMEs

Spearhead Lebanon

Marketing & Communications Agency
Consultation Sessions
Marketing & Communications Strategy
Brand Identity Development
E-Commerce Launch: Shopify Setup
Social Media Management & Digital Advertising

Lemonade Fashion

Lemonade Fashion is an online marketplace for made-to-order designers apparel.
Lemonade Fashion is supporting Lebanon by offering stores access to their marketplace and to discounts for photo shoots and video production.


LLWB is a socio-economic association that aims at empowering women in business through providing them with a platform for networking, sharing experiences, accessing funds and developing their skills.